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24 May 2008 @ 06:39 pm

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20 May 2008 @ 07:16 pm
This birthday definitely was! For one thing, I turned 3-0! Gosh, even writing that down felt so...weird. When I was sixteen 30 was ancient. So here I am, all ancient, and STILL feeling as uncertain as a teenager when it comes to certain things!

Mark surprised me with dinner at Fish & Co (YUM!YUM!) in Trinoma--it's actually an entire belt of restaurants/bars/cafes on the roof of the mall. I felt like I never left Greenbelt 3 actually--it's pretty much the same restaurants there! The area is very pretty though, with lots of landscaping, a bridge, a koi pond (I think) and lots of outside tables for blissful smoking diners. Unfortunately, it was drizzly so we opted to stay inside. Also unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera!!! I have nothing to document our dinner :(

All throughout the day I kept getting birthday messages--and I'm always touched by people who I haven't heard from in a while but who without fail always greet me! I'm pretty sure I'm programmed into their phones, LOL.

Mark's gift to me was the amazing NSD online allowance, so I was not expecting anything anymore. Then Saturday morning I open my email and receive the thrill of the entire weekend!

It was ChereKaye of OCD, Funkyplayground Designs, and she'd accepted me into her Creative Team!!!!

And it was a good thing Mark wasn't home because I let out this unearthly yell of delight--nothing ladylike about it at all, unfortunately. I'd applied to Chere's CT call because well, her stuff's awesome, but also, her existing team members are the bomb! They'd pretty much hijacked Chere's CT Call thread over at MSA and made it something entertaining for the entire board, LOL.

So the official announcement was made over the boards and Chere's blog:

And we got started right away with stuff to play with and all sorts of discussions in the board. Pretty exciting stuff, and the energy of this team is amazing! I'm particularly happy about this team because it is the first I've applied to and was accepted to! Granted, my other CTs all asked me if I could join, which is amazingly flattering in itself! This one though, I felt I really had to work for :) Well, actually, I really DID have to work for it :D

So now I've even more scrapping commitments up the wazoo. But I couldn't be happier--I'll say it again: there's nothing like the warmth and general comfiness of hanging out in the scrapbooking community.
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12 May 2008 @ 07:38 pm
...Is one of those a-little-more-challenging-to-get-through days for me. Yesterday was particularly difficult as I had greeted all my friends and acquaintances who were mothers. I got quite a number saying, "Thanks! Happy mother's day to yours, too!"

And I never know what to do when that happens. So I end up not responding.

I don't like to make people uncomfortable. And also, how EXACTLY do you go about answering such heartfelt greetings?

Anyway, I did make an LO for Mom, using the new Impressions of Motherhood collab kit at Scrapbookgraphics. It made me miss her even more (obviously).

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06 May 2008 @ 08:41 pm
A new TV, I mean. I'm very sorry to say ours (a many-many-year-old one we spirited away from Ayala Heights) has a tendency to blush--causing my favorite anime character or Barney in How I Met Your Mother to have an onscreen sunburn. It goes away after a hefty whack or two on the top of the TV, but for someone who takes 45 minutes to get out of bed (on average), sitting up to whack away every few minutes is not fun. Aggie writes about having a new one in its own plasma mount--which yum, looks really nice when paired with a sleek flat-screen TV. If ever we DO get a flat-screen AND a mount, that will probably be the impetus for me to FINALLY get a bedframe for our mattress (yes, we still sleep on the floor. Rach, don't hit me with a copy of your magazine! LOL)
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06 May 2008 @ 03:22 pm

Before I get into detail about NSD, some CT stuff--am currently working on an LO for Dianne Rigdon's new collab kit with Doris:

Really, just the yummiest greens and pinks and blues! I love it! Dianne totally ROCKS papers, I swear. I'm not so much a paper fan, but you can't help but notice hers right off the bat! Again, so, so happy she chose me to be part of her CT.

While I have been digiscrapping for more than a year, I only decided to jump into being active in the community (well, a forum anyhow) only in the last two months. So NSD was my very first partay in digiland. And it was a total blast! It's during events like these where one can really see how fantastic the scrapping community is. First off, I consider this to be my advance birthday weekend. Because I virtually ignored the poor hubby for half the night of Saturday and half of Sunday.My biggest challenge for NSD was not in having enough money to spend during the sales, but how on earth I was going to get to participate in the forums--technically NSD was May 3 EST, so I was online in the neighborhood Internet cafe until 1AM May 4 Manila time! Then nudged Mark awake to speed to Las Pinas where I spent the last half of NSD using Dad's computer. Blech. But so, so worth it.

For one thing, the designers shore know how to throw a partay--so, so, so many freebies offered! So many freaking discounts all around the stores! Mark generously gave me online shopping money (his present) and I was able to buy pretty much everything I wanted! Well, there were two kits from SSD I reeeeally wanted and I ran out of cash before I could log in there :( But at least, at least, I got great stuff. (Will post pics later on) I'm particularly happy with the two kits I got and a whole bunch of templates and yummy elements. I admit, I really am an elements gal--I'll gravitate towards a kit if I love the elements, LOL.

Plus, got all kinds of fab freebies--these were my favorites:

I had so much fun hanging around MSA and then later on in SBG (Scrapbookgraphics), where I jumped into the last two chats of the day (and it seemed like people were falling asleep at their keyboards, LOL). So happy the community really gets into the swing of things. And THEN, there were the gadzillion contests, scavenger hunts, crops, and such that really got my brain spinning. Amazingly though, I won in a few! Got Kim de Smet's fab Denim Alpha and one of the highlights of my day--a kit from Holly Designs! Holly's LOs are so freaking realistic you really expect to be able to touch them. I actually also got a $10 coupon (sweet!) to another designer's shop, but technical difficulties have been giving me a headache. Hopefully I'll get my gifts from her soon.

I was pretty overwhelmed most of the time, but until now I have this crazy smile on my face at how wonderful NSD was. Of course my brother couldn't believe there was a day for scrapbooking. I refrained from telling him there's also a day for digital scrapbooking! LOL
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05 May 2008 @ 08:16 pm
I like reading personal blogs a lot--it's crazy how many are in my Google Reader--because aside from the nitty gritty details of a person's life, I can catch things that ring true for me. Case in point: it's linked in Aggie's blog here, but her entry how marriages involve two people reminded me of my two months alone while Mark was in Virginia last year.

I know I've probably hinted at it for a few entries, but it really got crazy-lonely for me. A part of it was the sleeping-alone-on-a-huge-bed lonely, but much of it was also the coming home to an empty house, rushing to do chores he'd normally do, and basically struggling against trying not to be needy and demanding and downright b*thchy at people around me or Mark himself! It was the first time we were apart for that long in ALL the time we'd known each other. I truly felt like an independent woman working to support herself in a big city--living alone, and for a very short time, supporting myself as Mark's office checks stalled. To stem the loneliness, I'd go out with friends or work late.

But I did it. I managed. And it may be such a small thing for some, but it meant a lot to me that I was able to do it. It still does.

Aggie has a bigger challenge up ahead--she has two kids to support (and she'd just resigned from her job!) and a house to fix! But from reading her blog, I know she can handle it.

We just finished putting Travelife's fifth issue to bed tonight. This week we go to printing. I want to celebrate and do something pamper-y, or something refreshing--the heat and humidity of Manila is frakking crazy! Soo...a dip in the pool, or massage therapy at our neighborhood spa? Hmm...or maybe both? :D
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That's National Scrapbooking Day to the uninitiated. My adventures in digiland last May 3 definitely merit a post, which I will do tomorrow as tonight I'll be compiling my gadzillion purchases (okay, a modest gadzillion) into my EHD and computer as well as do a full accounting for how much I spent exactly. In the meantime, Aggie has generously offered this post-NSD game which I'm happily throwing my hat into:

            Now, what do you need to do? Instead of just letting you guys post comments (I need a little compensation cant you tell,
            hahaha!), I request that you write about this contest on your blog (if you have one). Link my scrapblog too, that would be    
            awesome. Then you will be qualified for the draw immediately.

            But if you write a post about my other blogs - here and here - you get 10 bonus points each post :D. (Put it this way - like you             are doing a sponsored blog post, link a blog entry of mine that you like with a keyword you want and tada!).
            The nicest post Id get will receive a better prize

Now, Aggie for me is living the sweetest scrapper's dream: CT to HUGE, prestigious designers like Kay Miller, Miss Mint, Nitwit Collections, AND a Sugarbabe in Sweet Shoppe Designs (which has the most mouth-watering stuff, I tell ya). So it's super generous of her to share $10 GCs for each of those shops! I'd LOVE to win, especially for either SSD or Kay Miller (yup, am hinting now, Aggie, LOL), as my budget completely ran out before I could even log into those shops! :( I don't regret my purchases, but it was definitely a case of making heart-wrenching choices, yaaaaaaak).

So anyway, yup, I'd love to win! Hope I do! It's my birthday month, too! (naku, sobrang HIIIIIINT Aggie, sorry couldn't resist!) :D
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28 April 2008 @ 08:35 pm
No, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. Been having too much work, too much stress (work- and family-wise) and not enough sleep. I need a vacation. I need a laptop. And unlimited WiFi. And maybe a month of free time :D Warning: following is a more-or-less stream-of-consciousness blog entry on what's been happening, at least for the last two weeks.

Anyway, I bought a kilo of strawberries during our trip to Baguio last Holy Week. Washed and packed them in a container before freezing them so they didn't overripen. I downloaded several recipes for strawberry desserts in hopes of trying them out, and then I got lazy. So Mark wheedled suggested that we break in our juicer, one of two given during the wedding two years ago, so we could enjoy fresh strawberry juice. I heartily agreed.

Said juicer was brought out of the box, happily stared at then promptly used. And here's what I realized when we used it: I wish we had a blender. Then we could mix ice and milk in for a strawberry shake. And well, if you've ever tried juicing a strawberry or ANY fruit, it's horribly messy inside the juicer. When we got the pulp out it just looked plain gross.

Then Mark noticed a part of the juicer's plastic body was dirty--that kind of dark brownish dirt that spoke of age, not rust. Then, while looking for the directions on how to use the juicer, we found a tiny, slightly yellowed envelope. It was a gift card--addressed to ANOTHER couple on the happy occasion of their wedding. We didn't recognize the signatories, and I'm pretty sure they weren't friends of my dad.

Which begs the question--who of our 80-plus guests at our wedding gave us a recycled gift?

I'm not miffed at the idea they recycled the gift--but they could've AT LEAST taken that damned card out. :S

Things have been going at the speed of light for me in digi-land, at least for the last three weeks. While I'm still into digiscrapping, last year I didn't really participate in the forums or made myself visible in the vast community of scrappers. Deciding this year to be a bit more sociable, I registered at My Scrapbook Art and started posting layouts and commenting on layouts and generally making myself visible. And even if I've only been active on those forums (there are dozens all around the community), it made me realize that the digiscrapping community has some of the nicest, sweetest people on earth. And while it's been wonderful to realize that, it's also made me half-crazy--you can't imagine how much I wish we had freaking internet at home!!!

These days, I'm very giddy when it comes to my scrapping--for one, I've suddenly become so prolific. The girl who was lucky to scrap an LO a month churned out THREE last week! Now I average about one/week. And while I've been really happy about that, it's nothing compared what else has happened.

I tease Mark about how obsessed he is about getting comments on his stories, and I realize I am the same--for my LOs. It's crazy how much I live for those nuggets of praise! :D And while, of late I have been getting a lot of love, the truly amazing, amazing thing happens.

To quickly summarize, in scrapping land there are those who actually scrap, and the designers who create the materials scrappers use, sold online. To help generate income, designers usually form Creative Teams (CTs)--scrappers who use their materials in LOs (and post them publicly, so they're like ads for the materials) in exchange that they get the materials for free. To be chosen to be part of a CT is one of the highest compliments a scrapper can get--it means the designer loves a scrapper's work enough to have them use their materials for free.

Anyway, in the course of two weeks, I got invited by THREE different designers to be on their CTs!!! For someone who's only been active in the community for the last two and a half months AND who scraps using mainly freebies and not purchased materials, this is crazy! Two invitations are "guest spots," meaning I get to play around with their stuff for a specific month, but one is for a permanent spot, meaning until further notice--and I am so over-the-moon giddy because HER STUFF IS AWESOME! :D So yeah, I've been walking around with a crazy smile on my face these days. It's such a freaking amazing compliment that three different designers like what I've been doing. :D

Whew. Anyway, that's it for now. But I aim to update more often, even if it means super short entries. :) I'm also in the process of cleaning up the blog--changed the header post picture and will fiddle around with my Userinfo page as well. Time to play!!!
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04 March 2008 @ 07:06 pm

Actually finished another LO and am working on yet another one. Caught this survey in Aggie's blog and had to jump in, hehe. :D

How long did you date? Went steady (wow, do people still call it that?) for six years, though no formal courtship.

How old is he? 29.

Who eats more? Him

Who said “I love you” first? Him--and we were just talking about this! It was over the phone and when he said it I was sitting on a high chair. I sort of whooooshed and found myself on my haunches on the floor.

Who is taller? He is--but not too tall na mahirap halikan :D

Who sings better? Him!

Who is smarter? Er, him?

Whose temper is worse? Mine--it doesn't take much to piss me off.

Who does the laundry? Him--if you count taking the labada to the laundromat :p

Who does the dishes? Me

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Me

Who pays the bills? It's a mix--Internet banking is an amazing thing, I have to say.

Who mows the lawn? I'll quote Aggie on this: "We don't even have GRASS in our condo, so sad."

Who cooks dinner? He does :D Love coming home to the smell of cooking food

Who drives when you are together? Him

Who is more stubborn? Me, eh Taurean kasi eh.

Who kissed who first? He kissed me! Dada kasi ako ng dada eh...

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Depends

Whose parents do you see the most? Mine.

Who proposed? He did :D

Who is more sensitive? Duh--me!

Who has more friends? Me.

Who has more siblings? We're both part of a brood of three.

Who wears the pants in the family? We both do

Who wants this? Anyone wanna nab this?
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19 February 2008 @ 12:41 pm
Really, sometimes the greatest inspiration comes from the photo you use when you scrap. An officemate sent me a photo of her niece's chubby weettle feet. It's given me a new insight as to why so many of the greatest scrappers are mothers—they have the best inspiration :)

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